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​How Do I Place An Order?

Custom orders must be scheduled in advance. Please note I also work a full-time job as well, so your patience is greatly appreciated. 


A mandatory call or face time is needed, to ensure we are on the same page for concepts and execution of details. 

1st call-Get to know each other as well as discuss details of the ideas you would like to bring to life. 

2nd Call- Finalize concepts in order to gather correct materials and estimated cost. 

Non-refundable base deposit is required to cover material cost. Final payment will be due once product is finalized and ready to ship.


Payment and Shipping

For all custom orders, 50% non-refundable deposit is due before the start of any project-for supplies and design. Once your creation is completed and approved by you, the full balance is required.

Shipping costs may vary due to location. We will do our very best to make sure your piece is delivered safe and secure. If for any reason you prefer a specific shipping company, please let us know in advance.

Available Work

I appreciate your patience while orders are being made or products are being created for purchase.

Please understand pieces take time to bring to life. If you would like updates, photos, or even possible upcoming works, please feel free to email me or follow me on facebook or instagram. Thank you!

Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Venmo, CashApp, and Paypal are always welcome. Your information is handled with upmost care. Please do not email or text credit card information, that is very risky. 

Refunds & Repairs


For custom orders, refunds can be given up to 2 days after piece (s) are received; only 50% of full amount can be redeemed, simply due to time, materials, and reserved dates made for piece (s) to be created. For non-custom orders, all sales are final. 

Jewelry pieces that need repair

may vary. Some designs cannot be reproduced or fixed unless alterations are made. Repair charges vary due to materials needed as well as shipping.  

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is never shared or given to outside sources without your permission.

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