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My Love


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I was born on the Ramah Navajo Reservation in western New Mexico. I attended Eastern New Mexico University-where my first paintings and murals took root.


I began working at Wright’s Indian gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, one of the most prestigious Native American art galleries in the Southwest. There I was also able to learn silversmithing from the best, Alvin Vandever. 

Today, I adore creating pieces of art for the world to enjoy and cherish. 

Paintings have always been my novels and jewelry making has become my poetry. My name is Jacob Lee, as a young man there has always been a longing for love and worthiness…so I set out on an inside and out adventure. Moving speeches, innovative thoughts, bold actions, and acquiring new skills has always ignited my joy, my attention. Could a little Navajo boy like me someday add a verse to some of these wonderful bounds and aspirations? How freeing, how frightening, and where do I start?

Before I could effectively attempt to create, I found healing from within had to take place. Life has a funny way of always making us believe “this is the end”, thankfully the truth is, the sun comes out again, and the heart and soul is once again ready to cultivate. My adolescents were full of longing to be the best-ever, especially when I found a voice in creating, in writing, in speaking, and sharing skill. Understanding wanting to be “the-best” is very superficial, there must be something more fulfilling? I realized a more significant calling is how do I help others to find themselves in healing, love, and worthiness? How do I use my passion to help inspire someone else, to create their own passion so they can pass it on to the next person?

Find something you love doing, and the world becomes your library. “Love”, is coming to the bumps on the road, and looking forward to the next because you want to be better; the infinite quest, to always persevere. There will come a day when my hair turns gray, my hands grow weary, my eyes struggle to see fine details. I hope to enjoy this beautiful journey, weather storms with those I love, to give my all, and dedicate life to dying to self and living to love others. Please know you are worthy, and your next masterpiece is waiting.

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